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The PPITCS team are a mix of Financial, Business and IT subject matter experts who provide a unique pool of talent in servicing clients along the eastern seaboard.

The team has wealth of experience with a number of the team having over 10 years in the company as well as seasoned and youthful additions to the team with outside world perspectives and practices. Our focus is providing quality services so that every engagement is successful, adds value and provides sustainable benefits to our clients.

Client Service Team Members


Guru Bhat


Guru is our engine room programmer, a true IT “guru”. Guru has been integral in the building and brains behind a number of software related tools, including Bizportal and integrated apps that process sales, invoice, POS and other finance related data.


Neville Howard

Business Analyst

Neville is a qualified accountant who is able to consult and analyse business systems. Neville’s key skills are consulting, planning, design and guiding clients through their transition.

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