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We have the ultimate information tool called “BizPortal” for your financial business management.

With BizPortal SaaS platform, your information is online, integrated, real-time at your finger-tips. This technology provides larger organisations with outsourcing options, removing distractions and efficient practices. Our dedicated team handle backups, upgrades and infrastructure allowing you to focus on your core competencies so internal resources can focus on the business, safe in the knowledge your systems are being well maintained. With this methodology there is no need for you to maintain software on various devices or across locations. Your data is available at all times from anywhere.

Our key products include the following:

MoneLink – BizPortal

MoneLink is tool that enable you to upload bank transaction to your ERP

InvoiceLink – BizPortal

InvoiceLink is a tool that automates the entry of invoices from the pharmacy’s Point of Sale (POS) into your ERP

BizDocs – BizPortal

The BizDocs tool is for electronically scanned documents. Includes iLink, enabling auto-processing when combined with InvoiceLink

SalesLink – BizPortal

The SalesLink tool is where you can enter daily till information

All-in-One Bundle – BizPortal

Includes BizDocs, InvoiceLink, MoneLink and SalesLink

Bespoke integration software development (Service)

Featured Case Study

Kwik Kopy

The existing ERP has served Kwik Kopy very well for many years but with the advancements of automation and integration, the ERP system would struggle in the future to provide Kwik Kopy with real-time information and business efficiencies. Kwik Kopy’s proprietary systems had also outgrown the capabilities of the ERP system.

Kwik Kopy required a new ERP system for its head office and franchisees that provides real-time financial information and integrates with its proprietary systems to provide automation and business efficiencies for now and into the future.

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