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PPITCS prescribe the ultimate pain solving solution for Douglas

Douglas operates many pharmacies throughout Australia. The original need for a full blown ERP system came primarily from the challenging growth phase that Douglas was going through. Douglas had clearly outgrown their basic financial package and needed to be fully equipped for what lay ahead. Lyn Guy, Accountant for Douglas says “When I first joined the group, we were on the MYOB accounting package. We needed to find a system that was capable of growing with us, as we acquired new businesses. We also needed to have transparency from the store through to the Brisbane office”.

The Douglas challenge

Douglas needed a system that was reliable and high performing. Key ‘must-have’ strength’s on their checklist included KPI reporting and outstanding stock management. “We reviewed several systems with varying cost bases including Sybiz, Arrow and Exonet. PPITCS recommended a version of Greentree they had customized for the sector. 

When I first looked at Greentree, I was impressed by the way it was designed for pharmacy – and then we went forward and transferred over from our MYOB accounting package” said Lyn. Douglas also recognise that service and support is critical in these situations, as highlighted by Lyn’s comment “the PPITCS team are part of the solution, what they give us is a personal service, they go the extra mile, which is rare these days” she says.

Pitcher Partners ERP Consulting

“A major point of difference with Greentree is that it is tailored for pharmacy with modules, reports, and tools that we wanted within our group. This was a major attraction to the package” said Lyn. The financial package Douglas uses consists of the Greentree financial software integrated with Microsoft Excel modules that the PPITCS team have created specific to pharmacy. 

According to Lyn, it would seem that it’s not just Douglas that are impressed with the new system, “Because we are so well structured now it is easy to get finance, in fact the banks just love Greentree” she says.

Lyn Guy Group Accountant for Douglas went on to say “the PPITCS team stepped us through the implementation process that included Financials, HR and Payroll and they continue to be an active part of our business. 

We receive amazing support from them and it’s just made the Douglas operations run so smoothly.” Lyn went to add that “the workload has decreased for our Administration offices in Brisbane and Goulburn, because the stores are able to process information daily with the main advantage being the ease with which it speeds everything up! I can get consolidated financial information in 10 minutes which was just not possible at all with our other system.”

“Greentree is a good package but PPITCS make it brilliant. It’s cost effective for small business. It provides a high-end ERP system for a small end business price. It is supported by a great team who knows our industry” Lyn says. “PPITCS gives you everything you need to run your business. I would recommend it and the PPITCS Team to anyone and I can’t speak highly enough of the product and services we utilise today” Lyn concluded.

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    IT Solutions & Consulting – Lincom

    Lincom Group

    IT Solutions & Consulting

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    Lincom Group is a leading provider of material processing equipment and services for the construction, infrastructure, forestry, recycling, quarrying and mining industries.

    With operations throughout Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands the Australian owned family business provides industry leading solutions for more than 20 years.

    The Lincom challenge

    Lincom are in the process of replacing or upgrading their ERP software. A major factor in this decision is the current state of their technology infrastructure at head office.  Many of their servers are ready for replacement and their new ERP would require a significant infrastructure upgrade and investment. Lincom have another decision to make. Invest in new infrastructure and continue to house servers in head office, or look at other options such as cloud computing.

    Pitcher Partners IT health check and cloud approach

    Following an IT health check on the Lincom Infrastructure, the recommendation by PPITCS was to conduct a Tender process for a cloud solution for the following reasons:

    The infrastructure replacement Tender was conducted and resulted in the selection of a Brisbane based cloud provider who provided the following benefits to Lincom in their solution and services.

    The Lincom IT systems now reside in a combination of Vendor clouds and Microsoft Azure, utlising the benefits of always being connected, flexibility, increased collaboration, security and the added benefit of Disaster Recovery. Lincom were also able to make significant savings in public storage costs through moving to OneDrive storage. Lincom are now able to focus on business applications and continuous improvement of their IT Systems.
    CFO - Lincom

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      Software Integration & Reporting – Kwik Kopy

      Kwik Kopy

      Software Integration & Reporting
      Cloud Integrations & Development Services

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      An organisation steeped in Australian franchise history, Kwik Kopy were the first Australian franchise to be accredited under the Franchise Code, holding license number 001.

      With a history dating back to 1982 and a growing franchise organisation, Kwik Kopy have always relied on technology and innovation to service its clients and operate an efficient business.

      Kwik Kopy is a complete marketing services provider who delivers practical advice, graphic design and advanced online access from over 90 centres throughout Australia.

      The Kwik Kopy challenge

      The existing ERP has served Kwik Kopy very well for many years but with the advancements of automation and integration, the ERP system would struggle in the future to provide Kwik Kopy with real-time information and business efficiencies. Kwik Kopy’s proprietary systems had also outgrown the capabilities of the ERP system.

      Kwik Kopy required a new ERP system for its head office and franchisees that provides real-time financial information and integrates with its proprietary systems to provide automation and business efficiencies for now and into the future.

      The Pitcher Partners and Xero solution

      From late 2017, Pitcher Partners IT Consulting Services (PPITCS) has worked with Kwik Kopy to understand their business and technology needs. PPITCS provide consulting services and works with key accounting software partners such as Xero.

      PPITCS recognised the depth and complexity of the project requirements and patiently worked with Kwik Kopy to provide a tailored integration approach, design and solution. Providing the precise technology solution enables business productivity, efficiencies and ease of use and support is paramount.

      Instrumental in a successful project is a pilot phase proving the functionality and integration in delivering the expected and desired outcomes. PPITCS delivered above expectation ensuring ongoing commitment to longer term outcomes and business relationships. 

      The combined experience of the PPITCS team comprised of Accountants and IT experts, provided the confidence of the project success and future franchise deployment.

      The project’s conceptual success simply comes back to a forward thinking, progressive customer realising the key to meeting their technology goals was having the right people on the job and the right tools to get it done. PPITCS, through collaboration with Xero, was able to tap into and leverage from a massive wealth of IT and ERP experience. PPITCS delivered the confidence Kwik Kopy need so that such a transformation can be made possible.

      Pitcher Partners skills and experience in Xero, Software Development and System Integration have enabled Kwik Kopy Australia to move from a legacy system to an up to date integrated system based around Xero and our Sales Reporting system. We have been impressed with Pitcher Partners skills and commitment to the project.
      Wayne Stanton
      Chief Financial Officer - Kwik Kopy

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