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Lincom Group is a leading provider of material processing equipment and services for the construction, infrastructure, forestry, recycling, quarrying and mining industries.

With operations throughout Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands the Australian owned family business provides industry leading solutions for more than 20 years.

The Lincom challenge

Lincom are in the process of replacing or upgrading their ERP software. A major factor in this decision is the current state of their technology infrastructure at head office.  Many of their servers are ready for replacement and their new ERP would require a significant infrastructure upgrade and investment. Lincom have another decision to make. Invest in new infrastructure and continue to house servers in head office, or look at other options such as cloud computing.

Pitcher Partners IT health check and cloud approach

Following an IT health check on the Lincom Infrastructure, the recommendation by PPITCS was to conduct a Tender process for a cloud solution for the following reasons:

  • Cost comparison between on premise, hosted and public cloud demonstrated potential savings back to Lincom in conjunction with the selected ERP and business strategy.
  • A cloud or hosted solution is a common solution offering in the market place which takes away the need for specialisation in IT and reduces the risk on Lincom.
  • An opportunity to move all IT workloads offsite in a hosted or cloud environment to relieve itself of the many daily IT operations functions and focus on real business value and delivery for staff and customers.
  • Allow a cloud provider to take on the risk and required specialisation and allow Lincom to focus on its core business
  • Reduce capital expenditure and move to a Opex finance model

The infrastructure replacement Tender was conducted and resulted in the selection of a Brisbane based cloud provider who provided the following benefits to Lincom in their solution and services.

  • Support Hybrid cloud
  • Support AWS and Azure
  • Partner program allows Lincom to change suppliers due to the standardised solution
  • True subscription model
  • Azure cloud has credibility and advanced technology

The Lincom IT systems now reside in a combination of Vendor clouds and Microsoft Azure, utlising the benefits of always being connected, flexibility, increased collaboration, security and the added benefit of Disaster Recovery. Lincom were also able to make significant savings in public storage costs through moving to OneDrive storage. Lincom are now able to focus on business applications and continuous improvement of their IT Systems.

CFO - Lincom

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