Organizations that initially move strongly toward adopting software as a service (SaaS) offerings to save money often find that it also leads to competitive advantage in the areas of collaboration and data analytics, according to a new study on SaaS usage trends.

800 organizations around the world were surveyed to see how the use of SaaS was affecting their business performance. A correlation was identified between companies that have the most widespread use of SaaS applications and the ability of an organization to use SaaS for competitive advantage.

Reducing cost is still the number one reason that customers initially adopt SaaS, and the study found that 41 percent of the organizations surveyed reached their cost-savings goals. What was surprising is the fact that 47 percent of organizations reported that SaaS was driving competitive advantage.

Across numerous metrics, the message was clear: Getting the most advantage out of SaaS requires close collaboration with IT. Find out more about what SAAS can do for your business by contacting bizlinkIT.

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